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Bianca Rose Wood is a collection of 'slow-made' wooden jewellery, designed and carefully handcrafted by me, Bianca, in my studio in Bristol.

Drawing on skills and knowledge from my experience as a furniture maker, I make high quality and unusual jewellery from beautiful woods which might otherwise be thrown away.


I started making these pieces out of the waste left over from bespoke commissions, and loved making and wearing the designs so much that my focus has shifted to the jewellery.

I have a really strong connection to the materials I use. The ‘slow-made’ process of cutting, shaping and marking or painting each piece of wood by hand gives my work a hand-made quality, as well as making the most of these precious materials in a very low waste process.


Sustainability is the primary force behind my jewellery, the whole idea came from my desire to reduce waste. I am constantly researching better ways to operate, more ethical and sustainable metals to work with. I am also starting to explore other recycled materials to use in my designs, I love exploring new ideas, and taking my time to design truly special pieces..

My inspiration comes from the wood itself, designs inspired by my obsession with colour, landscapes, plants, art, architecture, vintage fabrics and more. 


I love to create pieces that make the people who wear them feel special. This is jewellery with a fine art feel that sparks conversation, evokes memories, and is both unusual and really light and wearable.

Earrings are my thing, this is me wearing my favourite pair.

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