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All jewellery is made to the highest standard, but requires a little care to make sure it remains in tip top condition.


  • Keep your jewellery wrapped in a soft cloth or inside the gift box it came in, and in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Contact with other jewellery could result in scratches to the wood or painted areas.

  • A drop of rain will do no harm to your jewellery, but please don’t ever wear it in the bath or shower - wood and water are not the best of friends!

  • Avoid direct contact with any cosmetics or perfumes as these could have an adverse effect on your jewellery.

  • Eco-Silver and Raw Brass hoops.  Keeping your hoops earrings inside a box in a dry place will help to stop these metals from tarnishing. The addition of a silica gel packet also really helps as it absorbs moisture. If your hoops do become tarnished, then first, and very importantly, slip the hoops out of the wooden part and set aside. You can clean the hoops with a silver cloth, or brass or silver cleaner. Afterwards be sure to wash them with warm soapy water to get rid of any residue. If you don’t have speciality cleaner, or prefer to avoid harsh chemicals, then toothpaste works surprisingly well! Again, keep the wooden part to one side, rub the hoops well with a dot of toothpaste applied with your fingers, and rinse. Minty fresh!

  • The Wood. You can use natural, wax based wood polish to refresh the wood if you think it needs it. Use a tiny paint brush, or Q-tip (non plastic of course!) to apply a little wax to the bare wood only, taking care to avoid painted areas. Leave for a few minutes, then using a clean lint free cloth, wipe off excess wax, wiping away from any painted detail. Then find a fresh area of cloth and buff the wood to a silky shine. I use this Vegan wood polish

If you bring your jewellery to any events I am taking part in, I always have my tin of

wax with me and will happily polish it for you!

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