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Hand Painted Landscape Hoop Earrings

Hand Painted Landscape Hoop Earrings


Hand Painted Landscape Earrings - Wooden Hoop Earrings - 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Gift for Her - Bridesmaid Gift - Miniature Painting.


Item Overview

• Handmade item

• Delivers worldwide from Bristol, England

• Includes recycled materials


Item Details

Hand cut, shaped and polished, then individually painted in a landscape design, these wooden hoop earrings are sustainable, unique, light, and extremely wearable. They would make a great gift for someone, or just a treat for yourself! 




- You can choose either Recycled 925 Sterling Silver hoops, hand made by me in my studio, or Raw Brass hoops if you prefer a gold colour.

- The hoops are 20mm in diameter.

- The painted wooden drop is approximately 15mm long and 15mm wide.

- The earrings come in recycled and fully recyclable envelope, gift box and packaging.

- I can include gift wrapping and a handwritten personal note if you'd like these sent direct to someone, just look out for the options at checkout.




It’s easy to feel good about wearing jewellery made from recycled wood. Smaller pieces of this wonderful material are so often thrown away, all of the beautiful woods in my workshop were rescued from waste of one kind or another, many from my past life as a furniture maker. Cutting and shaping each pair by hand brings a unique quality to the shape and feel of the jewellery, and allows me to waste as little as possible in the process.


This beautiful brown oak was gifted to me by my furniture making teacher from her collection. It didn’t get used as a coffee table in the end, the grain pattern was so unusual I was always saving it for something more special... I love that it is now precious pieces of jewellery being enjoyed by many, and not suffering the curse of the cup ring or the felt tip pen. It really is too lovely for that!


Wood by its very nature has infinite variations of pattern and tone, making each and every pair of earrings completely unique. Add hand painted detail and there you go, jewellery as individual as the person wearing it.


The colours I used on these earrings make me think of the patchwork landscape of Somerset where  grew up.  Dark green woodland, and golden fields of wheat and barley.  The pink?  Well, I'm not sure exactly where that comes from.... but I really like it - and so do my customers.


The earrings are made to a high standard, and will happily deal with a drop of rain, but please don't wear them in the shower - wood and water are not the best of friends! Also do your best to keep them away from perfumes and cosmetics.


If you'd prefer these as a pair of studs you'll find them here


Alternatively you might like to see a pendant version

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