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Handmade Wooden Hair Pin

Handmade Wooden Hair Pin


Handmade Wooden hair pin - Eco Hair Accessory - Plastic Free Hair Stick - Recycled Wood Hair Style Accessory -  Long Hair Accessory

Item Overview

• Handmade item

• Materials: Wood, wood wax

• Delivers worldwide from Bristol, England


Item Details

A handmade wooden hair pin, in a choice of four different recycled woods.  Choose a colour that is close to the tones of your hair for a subtle effect, or something contrasting to show the pin off!


There are so many benefits to using these:


✨ A sustainable alternative to plastic hair bands which don't last long, can break easily and are not recycleable.

✨ They cause much less damage to your hair than bands or ties, which often get tangled and pull on hair.

✨ If you want to let your hair down, they leave much less of a mark - even giving you subtle waves if you twist your hair when putting it up!

✨ With a little practice  they produce a much more secure up-do - no constant re-arranging,  especially true if you have very long, heavy hair.


The pins are available in two different sizes, long are  between 14cm and 15cm, short are good for finer hair or a half up style, long for thicker longer hair.  Each one is hand made a unique, feel free to message me if you have any questions or requirements!

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