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Pair of Star and Moon Wooden Hair Pins

Pair of Star and Moon Wooden Hair Pins


A pair of handmade wooden hair pin, painted with a star and a moon design in a choice of gold or silver.


You only need one of these to hold up your hair, but they look so lovely as a pair I thought I would offer a little discount for buying them together.


These hair pins are individually hand crafted using offcuts of Walnut wood, waste from furniture making.


✨ A sustainable alternative to plastic hair bands which don't last long and break easily
✨ They cause much less damage to your hair than bands or ties
✨ If you want to take your hear down, they leave much less of a mark 
✨ With a little practice they produce a much more secure up-do - especially if you have very long or heavy hair


The pins measure between 14cm and 16cm due to the way they are made.  Each one is unique, feel free to message me if you have any questions or requirements!

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