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Sea & Mountains Landscape Cufflinks

Sea & Mountains Landscape Cufflinks


Wooden Sea Cufflinks - Landscape Gift for Dad- 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Mountain Cufflinks -Nature Inspired Father's Day Gift

Item Overview

• Handmade item

• Materials: wood, acrylic paint, hard wax oil, silver plated backs, oak wood

• Delivers worldwide from Bristol, England


These cufflinks measure approximately 15mm square and 4mm thick, and they are fixed onto silver plated backs.  


They are made from reclaimed English Oak, offcuts of old pews which I repurposed into a pair of lecterns for a local Church.  


This design reminds some people of snowy mountains, and others of the sea.  I see real similarities between wood grain patterns and the contours of a map, or the visible strata of a rock formation.  Inspired by these natural lines I paint the the wood with layers creating little colour block scenes, like tiny wearable landscape paintings.


Biancarosewood jewellery is handmade in Bristol by me, preferably in my workshop and studio, but also sometimes in my house with the kids wreaking havoc around me….


✫All Biancarosewood jewellery is made from either reclaimed timber, or offcuts of British grown sustainable wood.

✫Everything is hand cut, shaped, polished, painted and oiled.

✫Each design uses a carefully chosen colour palette, painted on by hand.  The more organic artworks are painted freehand, and as such no two will ever be the same.  I follow the same general pattern but variations in line and proportion exist.  If you would prefer to see a picture of the actual piece I will be sending, please just contact me, but rest assured there isn’t a huge amount of difference.  Just enough to ensure each piece is truly unique.


✫The cufflinks are mounted on silver plated backs.

✫All jewellery is finished to a high standard, so will deal happily with a drop of rain - but please don't wear it in the shower!  Wood and water are not the best of friends.

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